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Wendy's Nutrition Guide

Wendy's Nutrition Guide

If I were stuck on a desert island with only one fast food restaurant and a desire to eat healthy, I would hope the restaurant was Wendy's.
That's because of all the fast food restaurants out there, it's actually possible to find a few important food groups at Wendy's that are usually missing from the fast food drive thru:

* fruit (mandarin orange cups)
* vegetables (broccoli, potatoes that aren't fried, beans in the chili)
* healthy fat (almonds)

As a nutritionist (meet me), I'm also impressed with the detailed information the restaurant is willing to provide.On their site, the Wendy's nutrition guide discloses not only the nutrition profile of all their foods, but an ingredient list for every menu item as well.

Don't want to be bothered with numbers and ingredients and "just want to know what to order"?
Use my Wendy's Nutrition Guide (blue chart at right and green chart below) to do just that! (See the criteria I used.)

Q: Which calorie level is most appropriate for me? (Have you established your personal calorie count?)

A: Use the following rough guidelines :

250-350 calorie menu suggestions could be considered a "mini meal" for a larger or more active person, or a full meal for a smaller person or someone in need of a lower calorie intake.

Good fiber : Plain Baked Potato and/or Small Chili
Lower Carb : Mandarin Chicken Salad without the cripsy noodles
Kids Menu : Turkey or Ham and Cheese Sandwich + Mandarin Orange Cup

400-500 calorie menu suggestions would be appropriate for an average size person or an active smaller person.600-700 calorie menu suggestions would be appropriate for a very active or larger person. Wendy's nutrition chart....

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